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Offensively bad

Poor Little Dead Girls - Lizzie Friend

I just can't with this book. 



**crickets chirping**



1. Typos galore


2. A diamond heiress named Maylynne? I'm sure there are tons of perfectly nice people with that name, but come on. A DIAMOND HEIRESS named MAYLYNNE?!?!


3. There is a strange, casual misogyny throughout the book that the characters just accept and treat as though it's okay. The headmaster of the prep school is described as "handsy." These are supposed to be the children of the most powerful people in the country and yet their headmaster is allowed to randomly grope them at will? Presumably he's being protected by the a-holes who run the secret society, but why? Why wouldn't they get rid of him and replace him with someone who's capable of acting like a minimally responsible human being if only to avoid scandal? 


Later, the "heroine"  

walks in on a group of boys who have just drugged and gang raped one of her dorm mates, and her reaction is to apologize for interrupting, leave, and continue her search for a bathroom (because your bladder >> your friend's safety, I guess). I read all the way to the end of this pile of garbage just to find out whether the perpetrators are ever punished. They're not, and there's no indication that the main character even told the other girl what happened.

(show spoiler)


After witnessing this, she casually continues her search for a bathroom and pauses to read a notebook listing the history of the secret society she's just joined, completely oblivious to the horror of what she's just seen. In fact none of it seems to sink in until later, when she worries that the same thing might have happened to her, and even then she doesn't actually do anything about it.


No. Just no. 


4. The characters are generic cardboard cutouts who behave in unrealistic or stupid ways just to propel the plot forward. The main character especially is a blank: all we know about her is that she has a smart mouth, plays lacrosse, jogs a lot, and once wore jorts to a dance. 


5. Don't get me started on the lame romance or the enormous middle section taken up with Dresses! Parties! Glamour!